Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tie Dye Cake

 When Diana asked me to do a tie dye cake for her daughter's 8th birthday, I knew exactly how I was going to do it, thanks to Bird on a Cake!  If you haven't been to Robin's blog, you will have to check her out.  She's amazing!!  I love her blog and her work!!  I pretty much followed her lead on this cake, except I did a white cake inside with rainbow layers of red, orange, green and blue.  

My piping gel is in plastic zip lock bags because it was easier for me to just make the gel because I already had all the ingredients handy.  The gel is what you make the circles with on top of the cake.  It spreads super easy!  If you prefer, you can simply  purchase Betty Crocker decorating gel at the grocery.

After adding the gel to the plastic bags, I cut the one corner off the bags and squeezed out circles around the cake.  Then I used a food safe paint brush and dragged the colors from the center to the edge of the cake.  Like Robin suggested on her blog, I cleaned off my brush on a paper towel after each complete stroke through all the colors to avoid the darker colors overpowering the lighter colors at the center of the cake.

Thank you so much Diana!  I was so happy to hear that the cake was a hit!  Thanks so much for sending over pictures! The cut cake looks AwEsOmE!!  You did an amazing job on the table theme and your daughter is gorgeous!  So nice to meet you!

Sarah's party was held at Paint by Glass here in West Chester!  I heard only wonderful things about this place.  You should check it out!

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