Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Orange Cream...oh so fun!

It's funny how a certain flavor can bring back so many memories of our childhood.  The orange push-up pop was something that mom only bought if she had a triple coupon and it was a holiday of some sort.  We didn't have them around all the time, but when we did it was a TREAT!  I grew up with four siblings, so being the smart shopper that my mom is, she normally went for the family size jumbo pack of Jello Pudding Pops.  I did *love* those too.  My friend Becky and I would sneak the key to the big laundry room freezer and tip-toe out of the house double fisted with pure joy in our hands.  YUM!  And when we saw the push ups come out of the brown bag, they were history in about 30 seconds.  The taste of the original push up pop was pretty amazing, so many great memories of summer fun surrounding this flavor, we just had to make it a cupcake!

I encourage you to stop in Book Bums and try out the nostalgic orange cream cupcakes!  You may want to call first and check on supply and flavor available!  Book Bums also serves super delicious coffee, lunch and dinner!  Cozy up with your kindle and enjoy!

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