Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How to make a cut-out cookie without a cookie cutter...

Asha requested her daughter's cake match the invite, so I simply cut out the bunny on her invitation and then placed it on my cookie dough.  I traced around it with a knife and then added baking sticks through the middle of the cookie.  After baking it I decorated it to match the bunny and stuck it in the top of the cake!  It's easy to make one custom cookie without a cutter, but I sure wouldn't want to make multiples...now that would be time consuming!
Lola's cake was white with cream cheese frosting.  The frosting in the center was pink, to match the bunny.  I'm going to ask Asha if she has a photo of the cut cake, I bet it was cute surprise!  Hope you enjoyed the cake and burst cookies!

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