Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy 40th JC!!

Everyone keeps asking if we planned the outfits to match the cake...nope!  Obviously I knew the cake was pink, however I didn't pick my sweater based on the cake.  Maybe I had hot pink on the brain, but considering it was a surprise party, JC had no way of knowing what to wear.  I thought it turned out pretty fantastic, heh?

We had a great night, Todd did an amazing job planning the entire evening.  JC is one of my very great friends, we have so much in common, sometimes it scares us both.  HA!  I'm truly lucky to have met her at Fitworks!!  She is now leading me in exercise as a spin instructor...I make the cake, she helps us burn it off.  We're a fabulous team.

The cake was all frosted in cream cheese frosting.  The bottom tier was chocolate cake with fondant zebra stripes.  The middle tier was orange cream with fondant JC letters.  The top tier was chocolate with fondant circles...cut with my burst cookie cutter!

The "40" cake topper were two big cookies!

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